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Heating Installations / Upgrades / Repairs

Syder Plumbing and Heating Ltd. works in the domestic and commercial sectors throughout Norfolk. Our team are Gas Safe and OFTEC registered heating engineers who are friendly and reliable. All our work and installations are fully guaranteed.


Replacing old, expensive to run systems and boilers with new ‘A’ rated condensing boilers. Whether it’s a new build or renovation you can rest assured that you will be getting the best products to suit your needs at the highest standard.

Boiler Servicing

When we examine your boiler during your annual service, you will receive a very comprehensive standard of work. A thorough evaluation ensures that your heating system will remain at its most efficient and our service includes a yearly annual service reminder and service record sent to our customers, via email.

Boiler Repairs / Breakdowns

Regular servicing will minimise the chances of your boiler breaking down, but it sometimes happens. If you need a repair, you’ll get the same thorough performance from us. We’ll troubleshoot the problem swiftly, and we’ll get things back in full working order in no time, and always at an affordable price.

Central Heating Systems

All our central heating installations and upgrades are carried out to the highest standards, whether it is a boiler change or a 20+ radiator central heating system our standards are always the same. We install only the best products that are on the marketplace ensuring quality, durability and reliability.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a popular, affordable and efficient energy usage choice for homeowners. We are specialists in underfloor heating installation. We undertake all sizes of projects from extensions to whole house heating.

Underfloor heating is designed to work at low temperatures and is the perfect solution for both high efficiency boiler and renewable energy sources and can operate under most types of flooring from tiles to laminate, timber and carpet.

Lower running costs – an average underfloor heating system can cost between 15% – 40% less than a conventional radiator system to run.

Comfort – it provides a more comfortable environment as the heat surrounds you, giving an evenly heated room with no cold spots.

Hygiene – there is less air movement giving a better air quality which can be helpful to allergy sufferers.

Control – it is controlled by a thermostat in each room enabling you to set each area to your desired temperature.

Maintenance – there are no joints in the floor and all pipes and cables return to a manifold allowing easy maintenance.

Aesthetically pleasing – it removes the need for radiators and frees up wall space.

Air Source Heat Pumps / Renewables

Renewable heating technologies are becoming a popular way of providing heating and hot water for your home, can help reduce the carbon footprint and can save money on your fuel bills.

Air source heat pumps extract latent heat from outside air and transfer it to the heating and hot water system. Air passes through a heat exchanger which contains refrigerant which absorbs the latent heat then evaporates. This vapour is then concentrated and compressed increasing its temperature and pressure. This hot vapour passes through another heat exchanger where the heat is rejected. This rejected heat circulates through the heating and hot water system for use in the home.

Air source heat pumps are suitable for most types of well insulated property. If you are renovating or considering a new build this may be suitable for you.

Key benefits include:

  • The running costs of heat pumps are significantly lower than conventional heating
    systems – up to 70% of heat can be generated for free using natural resources
  • Reduce homeowners carbon emissions by 30-50%
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Low noise
  • Easy to install
  • Can be connected to underfloor heating and radiators
  • Can be connected to solar thermal systems
  • The heat pumps we provide are manufactured by Mitsubishi, we will also provide a full commissioning service

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